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Harvest Writers is a Christian Self-Publishing company that makes it possible for Christian writers to publish and market their books successfully.


For Christian Writers Who Want to Self-Publish Their Book

Partnering with a Christian self-publishing company like Harvest Writers helps to eliminate the stress of self-publishing your book. We know the steps you need to take to get your book published efficiently, correctly, and successfully. Now is the time to start and unveil your gift of writing to the world!

Here are some of the self-publishing services we offer at Harvest Writers.

Book Coaching

Book Cover Design

Book Editing

Book Formatting

Web Design

Book Marketing


Book a Clarity Call

Consult. Book a free 20-minute clarity call with author Heather Bixler and share more about your project. Learn more about the next steps & get your questions answered.


Strategy and Timeline

Collaborate. No need to guess what your next steps are in the self-publishing process. After your clarity call, you will receive a detailed strategy and timeline.


Publish Your Book

Create. With a clear direction on your next steps, you can choose to continue the process alone or with Harvest Writers by your side. Either way, we are praying for your success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Harvest Writers, our process, and how we can help you to unveil the gift God has given to you through your writing.

Harvest Writers is a Christian self-publishing company designed to help Christian writers self-publish their books! We are not a traditional or a vanity publisher. At Harvest Writers, we provide the experience and self-publishing services for Christian writers to help them publish their books efficiently and correctly.

Our turnaround time is based on the number of projects we are currently working on and what services you need. Editing can take anywhere from 1-2 months for two rounds of editing. Our book design bundle includes everything from formatting to book cover design and can take up to 4 months. So from start to finish, your book could be ready to launch in about 6 months.

No, you will own all the rights to your book and have the freedom to publish your book however you see fit. We simply offer self-publishing services for Christian writers.

No, at Harvest Writers we are not a publisher so there is no book contract to sign and you get to keep 100% of your royalties. All you pay for is our services to get your book ready to self-publish.

Sometimes an author wants to edit their book and may need to make changes once the book is published. At Harvest Writers, we are happy to help make updates to any book files or images we created for you at the rate of $35/hour.

The best part about self-publishing your book is YOU are the publisher. This gives you the most control over the content of your book and how you distribute your book. At Harvest Writers, we do recommend authors start an LLC and create a name for their publishing company. If you purchase an ISBN you can then add your publishing company as the publisher of your books.

We do not provide ISBNs. However, we can coach you on the entire process of obtaining your ISBN and setting up your own LLC with your publishing company name.

Scheduling a free 30-minute clarity call or submitting a request via our contact form is the best way to get started – that way we can help you with what your next steps should be!

A Harvest Writer uses their gift of writing to help others find healing through God’s Word. 

Our services remove the roadblocks you might face during this journey to become a Harvest Writer. 

We believe in unveiling the gift God has given you and in being a good steward of the words the Holy Spirit has impressed upon your heart. 

The Bible says the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. We understand the courage it takes to move forward with the next steps to becoming a Harvest Writer and unveiling the gift of writing that God has given you. 

No worries! We do offer additional self-publishing services for Christian writers that are not listed on the pricing + services page. For these services not listed, we bill at the hourly rate of $35 per hour, and some projects may require a retainer before we begin work. Use the contact form to request a quote.

Yes, we do offer book coaching! You can schedule your 20-minute clarity call to get started.